A Special Course Covering:
How To Hire Your Next Rockstar 
Finally, the curiously simple process to finding your next ideal team member 
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The How To Hire Your Next Rockstar reveals everything you need for hiring your dream-team member. 

The fact that you're here means that you're looking to hire someone to join your team, right?  Congrats! 

But... it's critical to find the right person to join your team so you're not wasting precious time, money and energy, right? 

If that's important to you... 
Read on... 

As someone who has hired over and over, I was frustrated with the lack of talent.  Or so I thought... 

I was hiring for the wrong reasons:

"Awww, I like her..."
"She has potential..."
"He really needs this job..." 

and inevitably, they were the wrong people. This led to major frustration because I had wasted my time, money and in some cases, they would leave things worse. 

That left me working even more and burning the candle at both ends... *yikes* 

I was determined to figure this out.  After trial and error, I figured out a process that was not only simple but also attracted my dream team. 

This easy and comprehensive course provides the exact framework so you can hire your rockstar team member too!

Tell Me More, Patty about

🗹 I'm sharing my exact system for hiring so that you don't have to waste time looking for potential candidates 

🗹 Discover how to attract that ideal team member vs. just hiring someone because you like them... there's a big difference!

🗹  It provides the hiring essentials so that you can find the best candidate to join your team based on YOUR needs including resources of where to find candidates (at all salary levels) 

One of the things you are really going to love about the 
How To Hire Your Next Rockstar is the exact step-by-step 
process for searching and attracting the right team member.

Imagine what your business would look like when you have your rockstar team member, the one who is a joy to work with and cares about your business.... 

Hey there, my name is Patty Dominguez, I'm a Positioning Expert, and 
I can help you!
I am the best-selling author, Positioning Marketing coach and mentor. My work has been featured on Smart Business, Investor's Business Daily, NY Daily News, and American Express Open Forum to name a few. Prior to 2013, I worked in Fortune 50 and management consulting, most recently as head of Global Agency Strategy. Over my corporate tenure, I've managed a billion dollars in marketing spend those companies. Since 2013, I've been helping fellow coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners claim their "Category of One" status based on their unique abilities.
Yet even after all that research, I still made a lot of expensive mistakes along the way... costing me lots of time and money, while causing me plenty of headaches.
The good news is that I learned from those mistakes and today, I have positioning marketing, down to a science.
I know exactly how to create a great product without spending a lot of time or money - two things that are in short supply for virtually every entrepreneur.

Positioning you for success,
Here's what some of my Amazing Clients have to say...

"I've worked with a lot of people...
Patty is the real deal... she gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and helps to make it happen...

I cannot recommend her enough!"

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo
America's Most Requested Celebrity Psychologist

"Patty has totally changed my perspective. She will get you in your lane and help you perfectly position your business.

And in these tough times, she will help you pivot. Whatever Patty is offering make a run for it..."

Dr. Jeri Anderson 
Author, CEO

"How to Hire Your Next Rockstar"
      Here's what's included

       A six module course that includes...

      Module 1: 
      How to Hire Your Next Rockstar Introduction

      Let's face it - you can't go at it alone. As an entrepreneur, we often get bogged down and overwhelmed thinking about all we have to do. If this is you... it's time for you to find your "who" to help you move your business forward. 

      Module 2: Culture

      Even though you may have a small business, it does not mean that you shouldn't consider the hiring essentials. Really smart business owners understand the importance of finding the right fit based on culture, values and of course the right capabilities. This is the difference between hiring people that don't stay vs. creating a team that resonates with your purpose. Discover the essentials to hiring based on resonance. 

      Module 3: Hiring

      Here's where we get into the details of HOW  to hire. No more hiring because you just like the candidate. This module will walk through the proper system for hiring, resources for hiring including job descriptions and detailed worksheets to help you hire the right person.

      Module 4: About The Role

      In this module, you'll have the exact checklist of questions you can ask and the personal, professional attributes that will help you with your business. These specifics will help you hire the right candidate based on the hard and soft skills to screen for... 

      Module 5: Final Interview

      Before you make it official, this module will guide you with the hiring process, so that it's comprehensive and it's providing you the exact steps to hire the right rock star on your team. You'll also receive worksheets and how to start the hiring process. 

      Module 6: Onboarding

      Now that you've hired your rockstar, it's important to onboard them the right way. 

      This will help you tee up the right candidate so that they are showing their abilities in a mutually agreed-upon framework.  

      These Results Can Be Yours Too!

      "She helped me come up with such amazing strategies with so much ease that it made my life like a 100% easy and I can't say enough about what working with her. Its an investment that's going to pay off.

      So I highly, highly recommend working with her."

      Padma Ali
      Energy Alignment Coach

      "She has been that missing ingredient... Patty does it so magical. She walks you through step by step...

      Patty has been there to guide me through that, and I'm so grateful.... 
      Oh my gosh, you need Patty..."

      Val Hemminger
      Top Divorce Lawyer and Mentor

      "I was floored with my work with her because it like totally took me up to a whole different level of positioning... 

      She's the real deal. Patty really is educated in the field of business marketing... She really understands the psychology of how to go about branding and positioning...  I am a 100% recommending her. "

      Raeeka Yaghmai 
      Dating and Relationship Coach

      "So many different ideas came forth. I was stuck trying to do everything alone.
      I love working with her because she's fun. If you are on the fence at all, Patty is your girl. I highly endorse her!"

      Dr. Christine Kaczmar 
      The Digestion Doc, Founder of,

      The "How to Hire Your Next Rockstar" 
      Course Includes...
      • Access to the full "How to Hire Your Next Rockstar"  Online Course
      • ​Hiring Resources documents and Supporting documents to help guide you
      • ​Online Videos, Transcriptions
      • ​Mp3 (Audios) for your smartphone playback



      You get a full 7 days to try out Hire Your Next Rock Star, watch the videos and receive all of the information. It truly does provide a paint-by-numbers framework for you to complete your  hiring process. 

      If you go through the program, complete the documentation, review the videos and if you feel like you've not received benefit from the course, then we simply do not deserve your money. We'll offer you a full refund.

      The bottom line is that I want to see you gain success like so many of my clients have achieved. So, by offering this it removes the barrier for you to take action, because you have nothing to lose.

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