The Conscious Investing & Green Crypto Workshop (a $399 value) Now, Just $99

Discover Conscious Crypto & Intuitive Trading
and How to Prepare for What's Coming even if 
you are New to the Crypto world
A Workshop Intensive outlining the fundamentals and next steps to
get started in Crypto

This highly interactive Workshop will shine the light on new age wealth eco-systems

I know what you're thinking... 
"Crypto is so dang confusing, volatile and is it worth me knowing this stuff?"

I used to think this too, but not knowing could cost you dearly... 

Hey there, Patty Dominguez here... 

Listen, I get it... this crypto thing sounds interesting, but it is a big ball of confusion, right? 

I remember first hearing about Bitcoin back in 2013 at a marketing conference. Some guy at the bar, after hours was harpin' on about how Bitcoin was going to change our financial lives.  

"It's only $129 per Bitcoin... get in now"

I thought he was just a four drinks in and speaking jibberish...
boy, was I wrong. 

Fast forward, March 2020, when the pandemic hit, I knew that life would never be the same. I knew it was imperative for me to up my game and get educated on how to protect my family financially. 

I started watching lots of YouTube videos and quickly figured out that there's a lot of charlatans in the space (being in online marketing, I have a keen eye for bullsh*t).  

Meet Crypto Thought-Leader
Lee Anne Muirhead

  • Lee Anne Muirhead, The Founder of DiW. An idea that came to life in 2020.
  • I help you choose clean and green eco-projects that rejuvenate your spirit, are replenish-able and honourable. Most importantly, I find ways to simplify the learning process, paying attention to your cognitive resonance, supporting you to adapt quickly to this way of earning and living.

"It's an interactive experiential learning environment coupled with patience and letting go. Integrating chakra, NN, mission work, winds and vibrational healing. It's all so delicious."

Aryana Sun

- Aryana Sun, 02/10/2021

There are a lot of influencers that are paid to create hype in the crypto space and are in it for the payouts. 

Then I found Lee Muirhead (there are no mistakes) and I resonated with her vision of teaching financial fundamentals of new earth, that are sustainable, nourishing and support real causes.  Not all cryptos are going to be around long-term (you'd be surprised!).

She teaches women how to discern a good investment, ask the right questions and fine-tune intuition. She helps shed light on what's possible in the digital currency world through divine intelligence.  Dreamy, right? 

Can you really...

  • Create passive income with cryptos? 
  • Decentralize your life so your finances are not at the mercy of decisions that are outside of your control?
  • ​Tap into more of your intuition when making financial decisions 
  • ​Invest in causes and companies that are changing the world 

with no prior experience, while working your regular business and while being completely clueless about cryptos? 

The answer is YES - of course it is possible!

That's why I'm hosting this special workshop and sharing Lee's expertise to open your awareness of what's possible in the new financial system. 

I'm so looking forward to sharing Lee's brilliant perspective with you... 

See you there!

how to get started with Conscious Crypto & Intuitive Trading

Conscious Entrepreneurs / Self-Employed Women who...

  • Want to learn Learn how to discern a good investment paying attention to the fundamentals of clean investing and green cryptocurrency projects building on the blockchain.  We'll start out with some crypto foundations and strategies. Then, we'll open up for ample time to ask your questions. 
  • Are ready to decode the jargon, the QFS, Fintech, decentralized finance and how world events line up with our economic and market situation today. 

Discover how to lighten your footprint and choose great investments that nourish and uplift your spirit.

According to late 2021 article, as of 2021,

81% of cryptocurrency buyers identify as male
(no wonder women find it so scary!). 

It's time to get educated, connected, and financially rewarded
in the crypto and web3 space.


  • What is clean and green crypto?  
  • How to discern cryptos that are investment-worthy and have real utility
  • ​​​What is blockchain and why is it changing the face of everything we do? 
  •  Discover the different digital assets available to invest in
  • How to diversify your portfolio 
  • ​​​Why it's important for you to know specific terminology about the Quantum Financial System 
  • What projects to look out for to mitigate crypto volatility 
  • What technologies are supporting our financial ascension 
  • ​​​How to discern a good investment that aligns with your values and soul mission 

regular investment: $399

Special Course for Only  $99


What's included with the Workshop? 
You'll receive the live workshop recording, Q&A session, Audio, transcripts, Lee's Top Crypto Resources Cheat Sheet and goodies which will all be housed in a portal. The content of workshop will be shared with you and you will receive instantly via email. You'll be provided with login credentials and will have access to the workshop information and supporting docs long term.
Will I learn how to set up my Crypto account?  
No, this is not a tactical type of training where you learn the "how to". Instead, this is more importantly focused on a crypto strategy that will set you up for long term financial success. 

From this vantage point you are equipped with the financial foundation to help you make the decisions that are right for you. 
Wait... is this an MLM thing? 
No, it is not, Lee is an independent coach/consultant and advisor. 


Here's what these women have to say about working with Lee...

regular investment: $399


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